Trent Haaland


Trent Haaland.

Trent Haaland was born and raised along the west coast of California, in a small town appropriately named, Oceanside.

Since his ambitious youth, he has always seen things in frames, observed shapes and shadows, and enjoyed capturing memories in the forms of photographs.

Rather than choosing to stick to his nook and comfort zone, he embarked on a solo journey to San Francisco in order to hone his skills even further and work towards his Bachelor's degree at SFSU.

His muses and aspirations are what keeps him striving. From sitting in an alley at golden hour, waiting patiently for a subject to enter into his frame, hanging at the pier in his hometown, while his friends surf below, to embarking on a trip somewhere he has never been before with his family.

The opportunities are infinite if you stop looking and let your creative mind capture the essence organically. This is something Trent has always strived to accomplish with his photography.